How to Apply

NYU provides informational meetings that are open to anyone currently incarcerated at Wallkill Correctional Facility on a semesterly basis. Admissions, to admit 15-18 new students, are conducted every fall, spring, and summer semester at Wallkill. Family or friends who are interested in helping a loved one apply to NYU at Wallkill can reach out to us via our Contact page.

Former NYU PEP students, and students more broadly, receive ongoing academic advising and student services at the NYU PEP office located on the Washington Square Campus at 20 Cooper Square, 4th Floor, and housed with the Department of Social & Cultural Analysis

Upon release, NYU PEP students can complete a Transfer Student Application to apply to a degree program on the Washington Square Campus, or transfer beyond to another institution. Former NYU PEP students who enroll on-campus currently receive full-tuition scholarships, living stipends, and emergency funds to support their education. In addition, NYU PEP provides financial assistance for students pursuing professional certifications and degrees beyond NYU. Please visit our Financial Assistance page to learn more.