Prison Education

The New York University Prison Education Program (NYU PEP) is a multi-partner, cross-university initiative that offers free college courses to incarcerated, and formerly incarcerated students. Drawing from NYU’s world-class faculty and staff, our curriculum is a liberal arts education in its most powerful sense. We draw on NYU’s great range of academic experts to show how work in the humanities writ large contributes to our society’s capacity to contribute and succeed, and to teach the public about the role of prisons in America.

The NYU PEP office is situated in New York City where the majority of New York State’s prison population returns to upon release. Given the unique position to continue work with our students, NYU PEP provides sustained guidance and support to students who want to continue their education after their release. In collaboration with our students, including families and community partners, we also provide a public platform and connective hub for academic and social events, curricular innovation, policy research, and media production aimed at constructively re-envisioning life after and beyond incarceration