New York State License Guides: Getting to Work with a Conviction History

The New York State License Guides explain the process for obtaining licenses in 25, high-demand occupations and professions for people who have conviction records. These guides aim to dispel the myths and misinformation that may discourage people with convictions from pursuing employment and career pathways that are actually available to them.

Cover of 2020 Connections book

Connections 2020: A guide for formerly incarcerated people in NYC

A guide of resources and organizations available to individuals who were formerly incarcerated, and are living in New York City, as well as information on how to find employment.

Created by the New York Public Library’s Correctional Services

How to Avoid Student Loan/Debt Distress

Inside: Before You Enroll in a School or Training Program, Before you Take Out Student Loans for Yourself or a Child, Once You Have Student Loans, and Free Help, Tips, and Resources. 

Created by NYC Consumer Affairs