80+ students have taken for-credit college courses while matriculated in the NYU Associates of Arts degree program in Liberal Studies at Wallkill C.F..  All courses are taught in person and in classrooms that are equipped with desks, white boards, audiovisual technology, and computers. NYU PEP provides students with course books and materials, and has a computer lab at the facility with 12 desktop computers, four printers, and a reference library. Each year, NYU PEP students nominate representatives that serve as members of a student committee at the prison. 

Visit our Faculty page to see the full list of courses being taught each semester.

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 More than 300 men have participated in NYU sponsored non-degree programming at Wallkill C.F. including:

  • Writing workshops
  • Computer tutorials
  • Meditation workshops
  • Book clubs
  • Performing arts workshops
  • Information meetings
  • Special events