our mission

who we are

We are New York University faculty, staff, students, and community partners providing access to higher education to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated students. NYU PEP seeks to address inequalities that shape our educational environment, and to model how a research university can advance solutions to real world challenges. We view education within prison as part of a broader effort to reduce the social harm of incarceration and are committed to working in collaboration with people impacted by incarceration to build our society beyond prison.


The New York University Prison Education Program (NYU PEP) offers university courses and college credits leading to an A.A. degree from NYU to individuals who are incarcerated, and provides ongoing support to students seeking higher education upon their release from prison.


NYU PEP believes that eliminating barriers to higher education for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people, and their families, has a fundamental role to play in moving our society away from an over reliance upon policing and criminal punishment.

what we value

  • Collaborative learning models based upon critical reflection and dialogue
  • Inclusive human-centered language that reduces criminal stigma
  • Partnerships with college-in-prison programs in our state and beyond
  • Commitment to the lifelong learning goals of our students
  • Learning from our students’ transition from prison to community
  • Cultivating leadership and service toward a post-mass incarceration society