Videos 2017

Five men became the first graduates of NYU’s Prison Education Program at Wallkill Correctional Facility on October 12, 2017. The graduates earned Associate of Arts Degrees from New York University in Liberal Studies through their coursework with the program.

On August 23rd, NYU students presented work from their Summer ’17 courses:

  • Introduction to Media Studies
  • Writing II: Utopia, Dystopia, and Political Theory
  • Creating a Publication
  • Writing I: America, A Place
  • Devising Social Justice Theatre: A Practice and Reflection
  • Environmental Science

Students wrote and performed an original play titled “138” and read from their publication “Broken Silence.”

You can download or read “Broken Silence” on our website, here.

Imagining Possibilities takes you into the classroom with NYU’s Prison Education Program. Video produced by NYU Stories.

After Now – Video Clip. 

After Now (2018) is a documentary short film that uncovers the joys and challenges of navigating life after prison, and the ways that incarceration touches us all.

Following three people, and their families, for a one-year cycle, the film captures everyday life in New York City and the complexities of what it’s like to transition from prison back into society.

After Now was made in collaboration with the New York University Prison Education Program (NYU PEP).

NYU PEP students shared persuasive speeches at an end of semester event at Wallkill C.F. written for their course in Speech Communications.

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