NYU PEP admits new students each year and offers a minimum of 12 courses per year at the prison. All courses are taught in person and in classrooms that are equipped with desks, white boards, and audiovisual technology. NYU PEP provides students with course materials and has a computer lab at the facility with printers and a reference library.

In addition to credit-bearing courses, students participate in non-credit professional workshops and tutoring offered by volunteers each semester. Workshops are developed in collaboration with the NYU PEP student committee.

Student services

NYU PEP provides academic advising, including facilitating financial aid, credit-transfers and continuing education (whether at NYU or at another institution), provides resources to help students secure housing and employment post-release, and maintains program partnerships.

Student Services include:

  • writing support
  • career services
  • professional workshops
  • multimedia training
  • wellness services
  • social events


NYU PEP sponsors and participates in public events programming including film screenings and discussions, events showcasing student writing, and panel discussions about prison education.  Students participate in a NYU PEP speakers bureau to speak in classrooms to address criminal justice issues.

NYU PEP engages community partnerships and is a founding member of the New York Consortium on Higher Education in Prison (NY-CHEP).