Documentation Project

 The NYU PEP Documentation Project is an initiative focused on understanding the experiences of formerly incarcerated students and their opportunities for continuing education.  Launched in the summer of 2016, this long-term project documents our students’ post-release experiences through two related efforts. 1. A post-release interview and written assessment and 2. A post-release documentary film.  

Our goal in building this multimedia archive is to help develop pathways to continuing education, including our own educational programming, as well as to stimulate opportunities for conversations about the complexities of navigating life after prison. 

[Map design by Allegra Oxborough]

1. Interview and Written Assessment

NYU PEP alum are asked to participate in the documentation project in order to assess their needs post-release. Participants are asked to complete a written survey and to complete an audio-recorded interview with our re-entry coordinator lasting 45 minutes to one hour.  All interviews are transcribed and archived.  Participants are compensated for their time, and some participants are asked to interview again after 6-8 months and again after 12-18 months to complete a one year cycle of follow-up interviews.

2. Documentary Film


After Now (November, 2017) is a documentary short film that uncovers the joys and challenges of navigating life after prison, and the ways that incarceration touches us all. Weaving intimate portraits of work, family, and neighborhoods in New York City, the film walks us through Earl’s first day out of prison; captures Carlos’s relationship with his wife and three sons, after nearly 13 years away; and follows Joshua as he moves forward from his past.



After Now is a film project directed by Raechel Bosch and Thuy Linh Tu, and was made in collaboration with the New York University Prison Education Program (NYU PEP). Production started in June 2016 as part of a larger initiative, launched by NYU PEP, to document students’ post-release experiences and to better understand the nuances of re-entry. Following three people, and their families, for a one-year cycle, the film captures everyday life in New York City and the complexities of what it’s like to transition from prison back into society. In showing a range of perspectives, and challenges, the film aims to tell a story that is humanistic and accessible for people of all ages and backgrounds.  


screening objectives:

After Now is intended to be screened and used as a tool for facilitating real conversations, in community settings, about the effects of incarceration and its impact on everyday life. In showing the film, we hope to create opportunities to strengthen the network of re-entry support and links between businesses, NGOs, and people, and to open the narrative about “who” is impacted by incarceration.

Check our Events page for updates on film screenings.

Project credits:

Raechel Bosch:: producer/director, cinematographer, editor

Uyen Nguyen:: production assistant and photographer

Thuy Linh Tu:: producer/director, photographer, editor

Allegra Oxborough:: designer

Music by Grant Cutler


For queries and/or screening requests, please contact Raechel Bosch at